Patch Notes Week #25

Daily missions

  • A new set of daily missions to explore



  • Finalmecia receives a new Tier 3 from level 480 to 700
    • The new girl for this tier is Mercy  
  • Roko sensei receives a new Tier 3 from level 530 to 770
    • The new girl for this tier is Nart 

Mercy                              Nart



  • The zodiac signs of the girls have been added




  • Visual issue from “Daily Mission” reward Kobans will not longer display old and new design at the same time
  • Pachinko: fixed the display problem with Depraved Nika and Tainted Hari 


  • Quest items
    • When quest items are required, drop rate from villains will be 100% chance  


  • Legendary Contests

Some of you may have tried the new Legendary contest on our test server.

For the players who already tested the Legendary Contests, will see some changes done in the second part of testing changes have been done for this second test.

  • Legendary Contest is a new type of event that will last for 4 days.
  • All players that are over level 20 and were active in the last 72 hours before the event start, will be distributed into Contest brackets of 50.
  • The event will provide an exclusive 5 star Legendary Girl as a reward (Not available in villains or Pachinko).
  • Every 24 hours, there will be a different contest with specific actions that need to be completed the game
    • Contest 1: PvP & Player XP
    • Contest 2: Pachinko or Donations
    • Contest 3: Villains & Energy
    • Contest 4: Girls
  • Rewards for each contest are:
    • 1st place: 100 shards of the Legendary Girl + 3 Epic x1 Orbs
    • 2nd-4th place: 100 shards of the Legendary Girl 
    • 5th-10th place: 50 shards of the Legendary Girl 
    • 11th-25th place: 25 shards of the Legendary Girl 
    • 26th+ place: Legendary Equipment
  • All players that win the girl before the end of the event, will be separated into different brackets in order to continue enjoying the event and win more rewards
  • The separate bracket rewards are: 
    • 1st place: 1 of Mythic Pachinko x6 Orb + 3 of Epic x1 Orb
    • 2nd-4th place: 1 of Mythic Pachinko x6 Orb 
    • 5th-10th place: 1 of Mythic Pachinko x3 Orb
    • 11th-25th place: 2 of Mythic Pachinko x1 Orb
    • 26th+ place: Legendary Equipment


Tell us your thoughts and feedback. Your opinion is important so we would like to involve our community even more in the testing process.

After your test, we invite you to give us your feedback by filling this questionnaire.


This survey will be available from 18 June until the 22nd of June.


Keep in mind that this is not the final release and there may be other changes 


Don’t forget to leave feedback. 

Test period: from 18/06 to 22/06



  • Contests & Path of Attraction Notifications V2


We want to improve the Contests & Path of Attraction Notifications. To do so, we need your help! If you want to know more and give us your feedbacks, click here!

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