Patch Notes Week #27

Bug fixes

  • Wrong Sifra images between first and second poses have been fixed 
  • Winning a girl from a quest was not displayed properly. The visual issue has been fixed


Want to know more about the Known and fixed issues? Click here




  • Button allowing to hide and show the texts during quests has been improved


Test server


  • Due to player feedback, we are reworking the display of the notifications for contests and Path of Attraction. Give it a try on the test server! 
  • You want to give us your feedback for this notification V2? Click here.
  • Our team is also thinking about the possibility to disable this animation. However, this may take some take time to implement. Thank you for your patience and understanding!



Your opinion is important to us, that is why this week we’ll ask you to fill a survey for the Legendary Contests. After we gather your opinion we will make sure to share the results with you. Thank you for your time and dedication! 

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